Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Blog Virgin

Ok so i've been hearing about this blogging thing for years now and i always thought well that's nice but it doesn't seem like it's for me. Then the other night i was telling my hubby that "hey you should write a blog about your experiences"(he has a very interesting story but we'll save that for another blog). So then i thought "why don't i take my own advice." So here i am a "blog virgin" about to find perhaps the love of my life lol?

Today's blog will be a rant!
I am sooo tired of these stupid blackout and water shortages they not only are causing inconveniences but stopping most people from doing their monthly household shopping. Yes I know that we are in a developing country and all but puhhleaase spare me!
We have gone literally 1 week with either no water or lights and most of the Easter long weekend without both!! THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! I don't care how poor you say this country is but the last time i checked water and electricity were basic human rights! This is a TRAVESTY of 21st century urban living.

What is more disturbing is that NOBODY seems to really be doing anything about it, we've all kinda come to accept this ABNORMALITY as a perfectly normal and acceptable occurance. No protests,petitions or big walks?!!! What's that all about seriously???!!! I'm baffled,flabbergasted and bamboozled. I know Malawians  are docile non confrontational people but these are our BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS!!!!

That aside I do loooove malawi it's full of exotic fruits and even more exotic people, the scenery is spectacular the food is organic and the cost of living relatively fair. What's not to love?

Malawi also has a potential tourism goldmine. But tell me this who'll want to visit if we don't get our act together? Who will want to invest with these frequent black-outs? Am jussayin!!! Food for thought people! Let's hold hands and rally peacefully together and make the people making decisions aware that things HAVE to change!